Flash floods on the French Riviera killed at least 19 people and two others are still reported missing on Sunday, prompting the government to declare a natural disaster in the south-eastern region.

Insurers share the emotions of the French towards the human and material consequences of floods in the Alpes-Maritimes region and present their condolences to the families of the victims.

The industry is committed to make every effort to assist the policyholders and accelerate compensation procedures, including through the mobilisation on the ground, to interventions in the region’s town hall as well as information published in the local media. A delegation of the AFA (French Insurance Association), led by its Chairman Bernard Spitz, was present in the region yesterday to discuss with all stakeholders.

Policyholders can also find on the sites www.ffsa.fr and www.gema.fr all relevant information to the finding of the damage they have suffered and the first precautionary measures to prompt compensation.

The AFA said that all insurance contracts for goods (comprehensive household, property and casualty business …) must contain a natural catastrophe, and said that the state of natural disaster was declared by ministerial order.

Bernard Spitz, President of the FFSA and President of the French Insurance Association (AFA) and Pascal Demurger, Chairman of GEMA and Vice-president of the AFA, “Insurers are mobilized in the service of individuals and professionals and take all necessary measures to help the victims in their statements and to pay compensation for damage as soon as possible.”


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