German insurance giant Allianz has partnered with Intelligent Mechatronic Systems (IMS) to develop a new product that aims to make roads safer.

IMS is an innovative producer of telematics systems and the leading connected car and usage based insurance solutions provider. Together with Allianz, they have created BonusDrive, a product that uses enhanced mobile technology to precisely monitor vehicle identification and real time driving behaviour. BonusDrive will also offer accurate driver coaching and feedback on drivers’ performance.

While the idea of vehicle telematics to monitor driving isn’t new, BonusDrive boasts a high level of accuracy and real time monitoring not seen previously. While it provides data collection and performance based analysis through the DriveSync 5 connected car platform, it also aims to offer a compelling end user experience that will encourage more drivers to take part in the scheme.

The benefit for drivers, in addition to safer motorways, is a discount on their insurance costs from Allianz. Simply connecting a 12-volt Bluetooth car adapter in their vehicle and allow the company to monitor how they drive. The insurer will then offer customers who use BonusDrive up to a maximum 30% discount on their premiums at the end of each year.

Allianz and IMS have a shared vision to make roads safer and promote better driver behaviour through the use of BonusDrive. Using such a system can also contribute to lowering the cost of insurance premiums overall, with the potential for less claims. It will even help the environment by reducing fuel consumption through better driving.

What do you think about the partnership between IMS and Allianz? Will BonusDrive and other, similar programs help improve driving conditions and reduce the number of incidents? How would you feel about your insurance company monitoring your driving on a daily basis?


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