Latin America

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro launching the Petro cryptocurrency

Venezuela defying the odds with new cryptocurrency, El Petro

Nicolas Maduro has advised government workers to invest in the newly created cryptocurrency, El Petro. The Venezuela president made the call (in Spanish) on...
US Dollar hike harming Latin American economies

Rising US Dollar puts Latin American economies at risk

The rising US dollar is increasing the risk of a serious global economic crisis. The dollar’s rise has triggered economic chaos in Latin America...
Earthquake Mexico Sep 2017

World Bank issues historic $1.36bn catastrophe bond covering Latin American earthquakes

The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD), the main component of the World Bank Group, has issued Latin American earthquake-linked catastrophe bonds (known...
Rio Olympics 2016 Opening Ceremony

Insurers will cover Zika losses with conditions

Marathon swimmers dread Rio’s polluted waters. The US men and women basketball teams will stay on a docked cruise ship rather than brave the Spartan...
Ecuador earthquake aftermath

Ecuador Earthquake: Low Insurance penetration drives tax hike

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that rocked Ecuador on 16 April inflicted a grave human toll, including more than 600 deaths, 4,500 injuries and more...

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