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EverQuote Founders - Seth Birnbaum & Tomas Revesz

EverQuote announces IPO becoming first US InsurTech firm to go public

InsurTech startup EverQuote filed S-1 paperwork with the US SEC on 4 June making it the first US InsurTech firm to go public. Led...
Coya Berlin-based insurance startup

InsurTech startup Coya raises $30 million in Series A funding

Berlin-based insurtech startup Coya moved closer to its goal of modernizing the insurance industry on last week as the two-year old firm closed their...
Telegram Messaging App

Russia ban on Telegram flares up the privacy vs security battle ahead

Telegram, popular messaging app, has been making the rounds following a highly publicized ban of the service in Russia. The official explanation for the...
Facebook Forest City Data Center

Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal a godsend for upcoming GDPR

Facebook scandal that allowed the data of 50 million users to fall into the hands of political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica (CA) is perhaps...
Uber driverless car prototype stopped after accident at Tempe, AZ

Fatal Uber accident exposes risks and challenges with autonomous driving

Uber’s recent tragic driverless car accident that saw a woman lose her life exposes the risks and challenges of self-driving cars technology. The past week...
woman checking her mobile paypal venmo account

PayPal Venmo settles FTC charges over security and privacy flaws

PayPal settles Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges over security and privacy flaws in its peer-to-peer (P2P) payment app Venmo. As part of the settlement, Venmo...
US CFTC Christopher Giancarlo discussing ICOs during virtual currencies meeting

Two major risks to sway the uncertain ICOs market future

US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) followed regulators around the world in issuing a stern warning regarding the potential pitfalls of cryptocurrency speculation. The regulator...
Smart home controlled via wall-mounted control-panel

Smart homes imminence presents new incentives to insurers

Five in 10 US households with either homeowners or renters insurance policies are interested in installing smart devices in their home that can detect,...
Woman at airport checking flights information board for delays

AXA testing Blockchain with new flight delay insurance product

French insurer AXA launches new flight delay insurance product based on the latest Blockchain technology that offers automatic compensation to travellers who have their...
laptop screen showing code used for hacking

Latest Equifax breach is creating a cybersecurity fatigue

The greatest danger from massive cyberattacks like the Equifax hack is “data breach fatigue.” Data breach fatigue occurs when people simply stop paying attention to...
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