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The SEC accused two robo-advising firms with misleading clients.

American regulators target robo-advisers

America’s chief investment regulator, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), is cracking down on robo advisers. In particular, the SEC is fining prominent robo...
People using smartphone while driving car

Smartphones greatly increase auto accidents risk

Smartphones have become one of the greatest risks for auto insurers. Analysts blame mobile devices for a sharp increase in motor vehicle accidents in...
Federal Reserve Bank

Federal Reserve proposes changes to its money transfer system Fedwire

United States’ central bank, the Federal Reserve System, has proposed a major change to its venerable credit-transfer service Fedwire. The Fed wants to adopt the...
Visa, Mastercard & American Express by Petr Kratochvil via Wikimedia Commons

US Supreme Court Amex ruling changes credit card business

The United States Supreme Court greatly increased the amount of control that credit card companies, banks, and online platforms have over the retail process...
Man holding a sign 'End Gun Violence' at March for Our Lives protest in Santa Barbara, California

Murder insurance exposes insurers to political risks

Politically motivated regulatory action is a growing threat to insurers, particularly in America. Accusations that “murder insurance” was being sold to gun owners prompted the...
student using computer and phones to buy cryptocurrency investments

Students gambling their loans on cryptocurrency investments

Slightly more than one in five US college students, 21.2%, admitted to financing cryptocurrency purchases with student-loan funds, a study by The Student Loan...
Donald Trump meeting with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto

Ending NAFTA risks hurting North American economies

Every insurer needs to ascertain the potential risks of the sudden termination or modification of international trade agreements. The havoc wreaked by the Brexit...
MetLife Headquarters Building in New York, USA

US drops MetLife case and abandons stricter regulation of insurers

The US government is abandoning efforts to impose stricter regulation on insurance companies’ financial activities. The new policy is coming at a time when...

The risks from election hacking

Allegations of election hacking in the United States have exposed the vulnerability of modern political systems to outside interference. The reaction to the hacking...
US Navy caught prisoners by Iran's National Guard

Ransom Insurance: The US $400 Million Payment to Iran

A political scandal in the United States is shining a spotlight on an obscure and morally-questionable sector of the insurance market: kidnap and ransom...
The Hanover Insurance Group

Hanover Insurance Group’s net income down to $2M in Q2

Massachusetts-based Hanover Insurance Group has seen a sharp decline in net income in the second quarter of 2016 owing to catastrophe and large losses,...
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